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Content Marketing Tools and Tips: This Week’s Best from the Web

January 4, 2016 by Tricia Goss

tools and tips

The new year has arrived, so this week we shared some outstanding articles that are loaded with some great gifts for content marketers: tools, tools, and more tools. And if you haven’t done so already, sign up for our newsletter here: Subscribe to the Content Marketer’s Corner. It’s a terrific gift to yourself for the coming year.

Now, on our top picks of the week!

10 Essential Tools for Social Media and Content Marketing Management

Below are some of the top tools to make your team better, faster, and more confident when it…Read more

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Encouraging Customer Testimonials

June 10, 2015 by Tricia Goss

Encouraging Written RecommendationsA stellar review might be the push a potential customer needs to choose your brand. A whole bunch of them can help build your brand’s reputation as the authority in your field.

But how do you obtain genuine, exceptional testimonials?

A recent QuickSprout infographic recommends asking for written feedback at the best possible moment, which is during the purchase cycle.

Some other approaches include enabling reviews on your Facebook page and encouraging them elsewhere, such as LinkedIn, Google and YouTube. Further inspire testimonials by offering rewards for them, such as gated…Read more

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Where Does Your Audience Turn for Customer Service Help?

July 10, 2014 by Tricia Goss

Customer Service Showing Help Or Assistance For ConsumerKnowing where your audience goes for answers to their questions and customer service ensures you are there to meet their needs.

In a roundup of stimulating and informative statistics, Econsultancy writer David Moth shares some results from a recent study by customer interaction service and software provider, Eptica, which reveals that email is only slightly ahead of websites for retail customer service. Twitter trailed considerably behind in third place.

However, these figures may differ for non-retail brands.

Beta21 has published infographics on the pros and…Read more

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Matching Platform and Content Type to Audience

July 6, 2014 by Tricia Goss

CaptureUsing multiple social media channels to connect with your audience is worthwhile, but knowing just what to post on each platform can be challenging.

A recent infographic constructed by WMG provides data that can help you determine the right content for the right channel as well as the best platforms for your target audience.

For instance, if your audience is primarily male, you might not want to invest too much time in Pinterest marketing, as 80 percent of its users are female. Males over 44…Read more

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Rewarding Digital Influencers

June 30, 2014 by Tricia Goss

influencer statsEveryone is talking about brand influencers and the benefits of influencer marketing, but knowing where to begin can be a challenge.

A recent infographic published by Marketo provides data and advice based on the “three Rs,” which are the professed pillars of influence: reach, relevance and resonance.

Rewards and recognition are two more R words to remember. The infographic reports that 68 percent of influencers believe brands want them to contribute their time, efforts and resources voluntarily; consider a list of incentives –monetary or otherwise—that will encourage influencers to join forces with your…Read more

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Turning Employees Into Brand Advocates

June 22, 2014 by Tricia Goss

approval-15914_1280It’s always great to get tips from industry experts, and a recent Maximize Social Business infographic rounds up social media quotes for business from 19 pros.

Mitchell Levy, Thought Leader Architect and CEO at THiNKaha, suggests that businesses should “turn their employees into advocates.”

Sounds like good advice, but how do you begin?

Use Tools to Find Influencers

June 18, 2014 by Tricia Goss

megaphone-297467_1280Can you believe the year is already half over? We are reminded of this fact in a recent Content Marketing Institute post, which lists a baker’s dozen ideas for mid-year marketing resolutions.

One list item is to work on your social media influencers list, but what if you don’t have one yet? Where should you begin?

You might wish to start with one or more of the many tools available to help you pinpoint these valuable individuals.

This list gives you a few to check out.

Promote Hangouts Using Google +Post Ads

June 5, 2014 by Tricia Goss

google-76685_1280Google +Post ads are available to brands and small businesses that meet certain requirements, such as having at least 1,000 Google+ followers and opting in to shared endorsements.

According to a recent Social Media Examiner post, +Post ads can increase your reach.

So what are some beneficial ways to use them? One potentially valuable option is to promote Google Hangouts.

Hangouts make you highly accessible to your audience, can help you pinpoint brand influencers and advocates, make it easy to promote or demonstrate new products and enable live crowdsourcing events, as well.

Have…Read more

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Finding Influencers and Brand Advocates

May 15, 2014 by Tricia Goss

Do you know the difference between influencers with brand advocates?

An embeddable infographic recently published by Convince and Convert compares the two.

According to the infographic, advocates are customers while influencers are bloggers and other higher-profile people who might share details on your brand.

This doesn’t mean influencers are unimportant. They can be extremely helpful to your brand, but it is equally (if not more) important to pinpoint and reach your advocates.

How do you find your brand advocates?

Courtesy of: B2B Infographics
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Rewarding Social Media Influencers

February 10, 2014 by Tricia Goss

christmas-17159_640If you hope for your content to go viral, encouraging readers to share it can’t hurt. In a recent post on Jeff Bullas’s blog, Mark Lerner offers five tips on doing just that, such nurturing relationships with influencers.

One way to do accomplish this is to reward influencers for their promotional assistance.

You can be extremely creative in this, as long as the rewards appeal to the right people.

For instance: