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New Ways To Add Seasonal Content To Your Editorial Calendar

January 29, 2016 by Tricia Goss

Seasonal Content

One of the quickest ways to come up with content ideas for your editorial calendar is to use themes based on seasons, holidays and events. You may already incorporate major holidays such as Valentine’s Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas and Independence Day into your content marketing strategy, but if that’s where your seasonal content creation ends, you could be missing out on a treasure-trove.

What’s It All About?

Your first option is to create content based on an actual season (spring, summer, fall or winter). This type of content can have a broader theme and is…Read more

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Choosing Engaging Topics for Pinterest Infographics

July 15, 2015 by Tricia Goss

Pinterest Infographic TipsDoes Pinterest perplex you? One thing pinners love is infographics, but not every infographic is poised for pinning.

You might want to use a recent Venngage infographic for guidance when designing your own infographic or sharing an infographic on Pinterest.

The graphic shares the top categories on the social site, including travel, food and marketing. Dig a little and you can discover specific niches that relate to your brand.

One way to find these details is by searching Pinterest. For instance, searching “travel” produces suggestions such as quotes, bucket lists and hacks. “Marketing”…Read more

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Encouraging Fans to Share Brand Recommendations

June 3, 2015 by Tricia Goss

Encouraging Fans to Share Brand RecommendationsRemember the old shampoo commercial that went, “I told two friends, and they told two friends, and so on, and so on…”?

Word of mouth marketing can be contagious, and a recent fact- (and zombie-) laden infographic by Referral Candy explains why this form of marketing cannot be ignored.

In fact, word of mouth is the single most trusted form of marketing. Furthermore, 90 percent of consumers seek reviews before buying a new product!

So how can you encourage your fans to speak out on your behalf?

Making Infographics More Shareable

August 18, 2014 by Tricia Goss

An infographic about infographics?

It might sound unusual, but High Impact recently published one that is worth a look, as it provides tips on making visual content that people want to share.

Infographics are popular and highly shareable, but with an influx of visual content, yours could be overlooked. For instance, High Impact recommends a compelling title containing a number.

Some other factors that can make your infographic more shareable:

Visual Content Resonates

July 31, 2014 by Tricia Goss

Is creating quality content that speaks to your audience an art or a science?

According to a recent Kapost infographic, it’s a strategic combination of both.

One interesting statistic mentioned in this infographic is that 90 percent of info transmitted to the brain is visual. You can benefit from this knowledge by presenting information using data visualization. published a list of useful data visualization sites from which you can curate content.

Have you tried your hand at creating infographics or data visualizations? What tools have you used?


the best content marketing merges art and scienceRead more

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Awe Your Audience If You Want to Go Viral

July 28, 2014 by Tricia Goss

If you have ever had a video, blog post or meme go viral or simply wish you could experience the phenomenon, you might wonder what causes viral content.

A recent Uberflip infographic backed by results of a BuzzSumo student shows how emotions play a major part.

We’ve all shared something hilarious, adorable or tear-jerking, and sentiments such as joy, anger and empathy all factor in to content sharing, but you might be surprised to learn that the primary emotion that prompts people to pass on a piece of content is awe.

So how do you produce awe-inspiring content?

Some ideas include:

Using Unique Data Sets to Create Captivating Content

June 25, 2014 by Tricia Goss

Finding Content Inspiration in Unique Data Sets Building content around statistics and other data adds

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real value. In a recent post, Robert Seaton provides an abundance of fascinating if somewhat random data sets you can use to create attention-grabbing content. For instance,…Read more

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