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New Ways To Add Seasonal Content To Your Editorial Calendar

January 29, 2016 by Tricia Goss

Seasonal Content

One of the quickest ways to come up with content ideas for your editorial calendar is to use themes based on seasons, holidays and events. You may already incorporate major holidays such as Valentine’s Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas and Independence Day into your content marketing strategy, but if that’s where your seasonal content creation ends, you could be missing out on a treasure-trove.

What’s It All About?

Your first option is to create content based on an actual season (spring, summer, fall or winter). This type of content can have a broader theme and is…Read more

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Why You Should Learn How to Create Animated Infographics

May 21, 2015 by Tricia Goss

Creating Animated InfographicsYou have mastered the fine art of creating an infographic; now what? How about an animated infographic?

Think that’s way beyond your skill range? Maybe not! Tabletop Whale has published an (animated) infographic that is actually a tutorial on creating animated infographics.

Why would you want to go to the effort to animate your infographic?

Becoming a Content Marketing Pro: Pairing Content Types and Platforms

April 8, 2015 by Tricia Goss

Become a Social Media Marketing ProWhether or not it’s your official job title, you are a content marketer.

But are you a content marketing expert?

An infographic recently published by Dot Com Infoway spells out several essentials that will put you on the road to becoming a content marketing guru.

One interesting collection of statistics provided shows that B2B marketers incorporate 13 different content types, on average, while B2C marketers use about 11. Both groups utilize blog posts, infographics, photos or illustrations and videos as some of their primary content.

Matching the content type…Read more

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Creating Innovative Visual Content

March 11, 2015 by Tricia Goss

Visual Content TrendsVisual content is a key component to any content marketing strategy, and, fortunately, you have an arsenal of tools and resources at your disposal.

Creating visual content with innovative design can give you an edge over other brands, and Coastal Creative Reprographics has published an infographic that might just give you the insights you need to do so.

You are likely familiar with some of these trends, such as rich content experiences and better typography. Others may be new to you, but likely not for long.

For instance, there are reports…Read more

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Pros and Cons of Gated Content

July 21, 2014 by Tricia Goss

CONTENT (1)Gated content is simply content that you have not made publicly available. Perhaps you require readers to provide contact information, register with your site or even purchase a paid subscription in order to view the content.

In a recent Search Engine Land post, author Janet Driscoll Miller discusses how gated content might affect SEO. For instance, since search robots do not complete forms, they will not view gated content.

There are times when gating content makes sense.

Recycle Content to Create SlideShare Presentations

June 16, 2014 by Tricia Goss

synchronize-150123_1280Creating SlideShare presentations should be part of your content marketing strategy. Slide shows can be entertaining, are easy to “digest” and are highly sharable.

A recent Social Media Examiner post shares seven ways you can use SlideShare for content creation, such as publishing tutorials and lists.

In fact, you probably have a treasure trove of content you can turn into SlideShare presentations.

UGC Best Practices

April 10, 2014 by Tricia Goss

fotagrafin-263381_640Are you using UGC (user-generated content) to its fullest potential?

In a recent Social Media Examiner post, Louise Julig provides an example of a brand that has successfully incorporated UGC into its social media strategy.

Along with using customer photos in the place of models or stock photos and targeting the appropriate type of content for various social media channels, one key approach the brand applies is to call for specific content. The brand uses an app with a detailed explanation of the information users should share in their personal stories.

There are…Read more

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Increase Engagement With Humorous Instructional Videos

March 20, 2014 by Tricia Goss

video-163893_640A recent survey and infographic by Animoto shows that instructional videos and humorous videos are two of the top three types consumers watch the most.

Similarly, funny and educational videos are two of the three most shared, as well.

If you have yet to foray into video content, you might be at a loss on how to begin. You might put the two top types together and create a comical video tutorial.

Here’s an idea: think of something silly that is still relevant to your brand and make a slightly ridiculous how…Read more

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Do You Know How To Find Infographic Data Sources?

March 13, 2014 by Tricia Goss

help-153094_640Everyone loves a quality infographic, with captivating images and interesting data. As Sarah Arrow stated in a recent Sark eMedia post, infographics can increase your number of followers and quickly go viral.

Finding good data is vital, but where do you begin to look for it?

You have several options. Look for government agencies, such as the Bureau of Labor Statistics or Google “statistics” and a keyword or two with “” to find relevant sites.

Try reputable media sources, as well, such as Google Public Data.

You can even perform your…Read more

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Providing Value Through Curation

February 28, 2014 by Tricia Goss

apple-256265_640Curation should definitely be part of your content marketing strategy, but have you ever thought of it as another type of content? The key is adding value to the content you curate and putting a creative spin on it, as well.

As mentioned in writer Dan Newman’s recent BroadSuite post, with so many people sharing on so many different social media channels, it may seem difficult to find valuable content to curate that your audience has not already seen.

One way to curate content and provide added…Read more

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