Top Content Marketing Tips This Week: Becoming a Twitter Power User

December 28, 2015 by

Twitter Power User

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Now, on to this week’s top picks!

How To Become A Twitter Marketing Pro With $0 Budget

Here are some tips and tools, in an infographic from Salesforce, that anyone can use to become a Twitter marketing pro.

If your content marketing budget is a bit tight, you will appreciate the tips and tricks in this post and accompanying infographic. It can be worth the effort. Did you know that nearly three-quarters of Twitter users are also bloggers who comment on other blogs, write product reviews and write guest posts?

Twitter Improves How Photos Are Displayed: This Week in Social Media

Twitter is “making your timeline more immersive by uncropping photos, so you can experience and present them as they were meant to be viewed.”

As noted in this post, Twitter has changed the way your pics appear to followers, which can help increase engagement. What are the best types of photos to include with your tweets? Mixing it up is essential. Include a variety of image types, such as infographics and charts, photos with quotes and images with calls to action.

 Twitter Video: The Marketing Advantage No One Is Using? Yet!

Video views are growing so fast that if you don’t jump in now, you might miss out on one of the biggest opportunities for you and/or your company.

Another awesome type of content to use on Twitter is video content. This Buffer post is loaded with details and tips on making the most of this content type. If you have a YouTube channel, teasing longer videos by sharing a clip is an effective way to direct your audience to that platform, as well.

How to Find Local Customers With Twitter

In this post you’ll discover three ways to connect with local customers on Twitter.

If engaging with local customers is important to your brand, this post is for you. One of the simplest ways to connect using Twitter is to add locations to your tweets. Doing so can help new potential customers and fans find you.

Why You Need a Powerful, Engaged Twitter Account

Taking Twitter to the next level is all about how you harness the power of one of the best platforms online to grow your brand and connect with a vibrant community.

One tip mentioned in this post on improving your Twitter impact is to create an outstanding profile. Some tips for doing so include creating a custom background, incorporating SEO and using a real photo. How long has  it been since you updated your profile?

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