Roundup of Intriguing Content Marketing Predictions for 2014

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As we ring in a new year, we tend to reminisce over what has transpired and anticipate what the coming year will hold. Several pros have weighed in on this topic, forecasting what changes they believe we will see for content and social media marketing in 2014.

Instead of offering yet another list of predictions, we have scoured the web and created a roundup of the most thought provoking, intriguing and motivating expectations for you.

1. Increased Budgets… Wouldn’t That Be Nice?

WishPond’s top 10 list begins with a forecast for more money, as businesses progressively realize that they need online content to cultivate relationships with customers. Other research appears to back this prediction: A recent Webmarketing123 survey showed that nearly two-thirds of marketers plan to boost their budgets in 2014.

2. Getting a Better Understanding of Content Marketing

In an October Forbes article, Jayson DeMers weighed in with several thoughts, including an interesting one that suggests businesses will get a better handle on what content marketing is and how important it is to their success. So much so that the author foresees “Director of Content” as the premier marketing position of 2014.

3. Native Advertising Boom

This roundup wouldn’t be complete without an entry from Content Marketing Institute, which presents a podcast of predictions from Joe Pulizzi and Robert Rose. These pros envision an upsurge in native advertising. A July study by the Online Publishers Association concurs, reporting that 73 percent of respondents currently offer native advertising and an additional 17 percent are considering it as part of their strategy in the coming year.

4. ROI Accountability

Mashable’s addition to the collection begins with the statement that, “2013 was the year of Red Bull.” While this may be up for debate, Shafqat Islam’s 10 predictions that follow are reasonable and intriguing. For instance, the author indicates that marketers will ultimately figure out marketing ROI, and customized content will be a crucial element.

5. Out with the Old, In with the New

The list of predictions by Erik Deckers at Professional Blog Service may be brief, with only three entries, but it is intense, as well. For instance, the author states that 2014 will be the year that replacements for Facebook and Twitter will likely emerge – even if they don’t quite take over yet.

6. Content Is Still King

If you are wondering whether content will remain relevant, experts across the board confirm that it will. But what type of content will rule the roost? In an excellent editorial on Forbes, Brent Gleeson discusses how different forms of content relate to various stages of the buying cycle.

7. Mobile First

At iMedia Connection, Gordon Plutsky shares several noteworthy ideas, but one that must be mentioned is the mounting emphasis on mobile marketing. In fact, the author reports that mobile must be the priority for all forms of content creation, as consumers are increasingly accessing everything from emails to social media to videos on mobile devices.

8. Quality Is in Demand

Julia McCoy of Express Writers declares that 2014 will usher in a number of significant changes in content marketing. Many of these changes concur with others listed in this roundup, and one that experts have expressed since Google rolled out Panda is that marketers must consistently produce quality content in order to succeed. As more demand is placed on top quality writers, will their fees go up?

9. Valuable Content Types

Rachel Foster of Fresh Perspective Copywriting believes that user-generated content will be more important than ever in the coming year, with reviews and testimonials from consumers at the top of the UCG list. There are numbers that back this theory: 71% of consumers are more comfortable about products and services when they read positive reviews about them. For some other interesting stats, check out this infographic from PeopleClaim.

10. Pay to Play

A contemplative list from Shawn Amos on Huffington Post concludes this roundup with predictions including second screen and 3-D content, but one that requires inclusion is that more and more brands will at least consider paying for “amplification, syndication and targeted distribution” of their content in order to compete with the deluge of content consumers encounter.

While not all of these predictions are new ideas, many of them appear to take on different forms or levels of importance in the coming year, according to these authorities.

With which opinions are you in agreement and what changes are you likely to make because of them? Do you utterly disagree with any of these predictions or have one of your own that did not make the list? Share your thoughts with us!

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