This Week in Content Marketing: Tips for Marketing in 2016

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Tips for Marketing in 2016

Where has the time gone? 2015 is drawing to a close, which has many content marketers considering how they will approach their tasks in the coming year. You can get a jump on 2016 by subscribing to our content marketing tips newsletter here and by checking out this week’s best offerings from around the web.

35 Content Marketing Statistics You Need To Know In 2016

The statistics contained in this post are generally focused around content marketing as an industry and practice, rather than on stats for specific digital marketing channels (although there are a few of these as well).

According to this post by Forbes, only 32 percent have a documented content marketing strategy. If you are among this demographic, perhaps your year-end goal should be developing such a strategy. Begin by developing buyer personas and pinpointing your niche. Then you can determine the types of content these personas crave and work on your brand’s story and personality.

Do you have a written content marketing strategy?

Where Content Marketing 2016 Is Headed

To help you, here are my 3 key 2016 content marketing trends to include in your 2016 content marketing plans.

Marketing pro Heidi Cohen discusses three content marketing trends in a recent post. One of these trends is content saturation and content shock. To avoid become overwhelmed with content, people create inner circles from which to glean their information. Your goal is to work your way into those inner circles. How? Start by consistently producing and sharing valuable content.

Marketing: 5 Snapchat Strategies To Spice Up Your Social Game in 2016

Whether you’re an experienced Snapchat marketer, or are planning your first Snapchat campaign, these five strategies will give you the insight you need to snap smartly and convince your team to double down on Snapchat.

Don’t think Snapchat is an effective channel for content marketing? You’re not alone, but the author of this post explains why learning how to incorporate the social media platform may be beneficial. One way to do so is to encourage followers to share pics of themselves using your brand. Don’t forget to reward them for doing so! This can be anything from featuring a follower of the day to coupons to free goodies.

Future Watch: Expert Talks Social Media Ideas for 2016

Social media expert Ian Cleary explains some fundamentals social media marketers still can’t seem to master, as well as next-horizon ideas to apply in 2016.

One of the topics that excites social media expert Ian Cleary is social selling. The more brands interact on a personal level with their audience, the more likely they are to be interested in purchasing products or services from that brand.

He recommends live streaming as a means of building these relationships. Make it even more personal by giving shout-outs to people watching.

What tools do you use to promote social selling?

9 Ways Online Marketing Will Change in 2016

As we approach a new year, we wonder what 2016 holds in store for online marketers.

One of the changes predicted in this post is an increase in content co-creation. What this really boils down to is finding your social media influencers and advocates, guiding conversations with them to foster a positive relationship and rewarding them for creating and sharing content with others.

What tools do you use to discover your influencers?


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