Content Strategy to Break into New Markets

May 8, 2013 by

light-40701_640Brands that are able to change, evolve and redefine themselves improve their chances of standing the test of time. Finding a new niche or breaking into a different market is an effective way to do this, although not necessarily an easy one.

According to

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this article at Marketing Interactions, content marketing can be a vital piece of your strategy, but it’s not without its own set of challenges.

The author recommends three steps to setting the foundation: performing market research, defining your value to the target audience and creating your brand’s story. These measures allow you to determine whether you are aiming for the right market, and then provide the backup you need to explain why the market needs your brand.

Have you broken into a different market in the past or are you currently working to do so? What approaches have you tried, and how successful have these been? Would you do anything differently or offer advise to other marketers?


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