Content Marketing Tips: Curated Picks of the Week for 03/17/2016

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Content Marketing Tips

Here are this week’s top content marketing picks.

1. SEO, PPC, Content Marketing, or SMM: Which Services Sell Best? 

“From a common sense point of view, it’s quite logical to say that if users search for something more, they are able (and likely) to buy more. As it turns out, this correlation doesn’t work within digital marketing niches. The commercial potential of a certain digital marketing service is not in direct proportion to the search volume it receives.”

2. 5 Blissful Lessons These Nightmare Headlines Can Teach You

“Here’s the funny thing: I’ve been at this for more than 15 years, and even though I’ve built up enough experience and knowledge to form a decent hunch about the effectiveness of my headlines, it’s still a guessing game. An educated guessing game, of course. But there is a way to stack the headline odds in your favor.”

3. How To Build An Instagram Following From Scratch

“Right before our eyes, Instagram is becoming a social media powerhouse. It is penetrating more and more of the population every day, with over 400 million monthly active users. It plays on the visual obsession of our minds, and taps into the short attention spans of a generation. A bit like a combination of Twitter and Pinterest.”

4. 6 Tips for Adjusting Your SEO Strategy in 2016

“This advice isn’t new, but as Panda has already reared its head this January (and Penguin isn’t likely far behind), it’s time to set aside hours and budget to adjust your SEO strategy. By incorporating the tips below into your ongoing strategy, you should, not only, avoid any imminent penalties, but keep any threats away for the long term too.”

5. Why Every Publisher Should Be On Pinterest

“Pinterest’s growth has exploded over the last couple of years, and the social media site now supports over 100 million monthly users. Last year, a Shareaholic study reported that Pinterest was responsible for 5-7% of all traffic referrals to websites each month from December 2013 through December 2014. Note that’s not just traffic referrals from social media – that’s all traffic referrals.”

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