Content Marketing Tips: Curated Picks of the Week for 02/19/2016

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Content Marketing Tips of the Week

Each week, we select five of our favorite articles on content marketing to share. If you’d like to have these delivered directly to your inbox, don’t forget to sign up for our weekly newsletter!

Here are this week’s picks.

1. 12 Incredibly Useful Video Tips To Make Better Videos – Does the mere thought of being caught on camera turn you into a babbling goof? Peg Fitzpatrick gives some great advice on how to overcome the anxiety and make a better video in the process.

2. Steal These 37 Twitter Ads Examples For Your Next Campaign – Here’s a great set of examples worth bookmarking, saving on Pinterest or doing whatever you do when you find a resource you know you’ll want to keep coming back to over and over.

3. Quick Wins To Beat The SEO Waiting Game – Yes, awesome content is the cornerstone of content marketing, but there are things you can do to help people more easily find all that great stuff you’ve written. Dan Bagby shares some nice tips here.

4. How to Apply Lean Marketing To Your Content Based Business – Build. Measure. Learn. Neil Patel shares some very actionable insights on how to work these concepts into your content strategy.

5. SEO Has Evolved To Search ‘Experience’ Optimization – People talk a lot about user experience these days with good reason. When readers find your site on Google or some other search engine, do they leave feeling like their questions have been answered?

Come across any great articles this week that you want to share? Leave us a note in the comments or send us a tweet!

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