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Jonathan is a seasoned veteran of the B2B marketing, design and communications industry. He is always interested in new and challenging opportunities - feel free to contact him.

He writes from the perspective of a marketing “old timer” steeped in the knowledge, experience and skills that underpins all great marketing, advertising and communications practice. He applies this experience to the brave “new” world of content marketing, social and all things digital, and how they work - or should work - more effectively when marketing basics are remembered.

Jonathan has a lively and unique way of delivering his messages and points - controversial to some, amusing to others, but always with the goal of helping people develop their marketing understanding and gain knowledge and skills to improve their careers.


In Support of Serene Engagement

March 10, 2014 by Jonathan Henley

digital shoutinessAre you guilty of “shoutiness” across your digital channels? You know what I mean – shrieking, digital tirades disguised as conversations, not seeing or hearing another person’s view…

Better no engagement than ill-considered engagement

Now, I am going to ignore the journalist’s stock in trade article berating those who fall victim to their own drunken tweet-fests. We’ve heard and read it all before. Think before you tweet. Do you really need to press send? Once it’s out there, it’s never coming back. And so on, ad infinitum, until the hack’s required word-count is…Read more

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Writing in the Right Tone of Voice for Your Audience Segments

December 27, 2013 by Jonathan Henley

audienceVariations of tone of voice can be carried over into your content, in just the same way as in conversation. Used properly, with the right tone and vocabulary, you can enhance the enjoyment of reading and thus increase memorability, engagement and persuasion, and leave your audiences knowing that you know and understand them.

Why Different Voices for Different Audiences?

We now work in the age of media and sales communication that literally bombards your target audiences with stuff. And the stuff – the content – they are going to read first and with more…Read more

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10 Things Marketers Can Learn From Columbo – Yes, Columbo

November 24, 2013 by Jonathan Henley

Peter Falk as ColumboShabby, some might say unkempt; unswerving in both style and dedication to one simple objective; the ’70s and beyond fictional American detective Columbo is the epitome of success achieved through dedication, observation, familiarization and assimilation.

Add to these qualities a dash of cunning laced with empathy, and you have a character from whom all marketers – indeed all business people – can learn.

Picture the Scene

By way of some selected quotations (with thanks to our friends at Wikipedia and Wikiquotes, natch) I here outline what I believe are 10 key lessons…Read more

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How to Work with the Interventionist Client

November 8, 2013 by Jonathan Henley

interventionist-clientMarketers and creatives like engaged clients…

…as long as they are principally engaged in what they do best rather than design, marketing planning, etc.

First, another health warning: I have sometimes been accused of making sweeping generalizations in what I write, and this piece uses such generalizations for effect rather than as a mirror on real life.

To be clear, I am absolutely committed to collaboration between teams. To achieve successful collaboration one does need a certain degree of “interventionism” from both parties, if for no other reason than to make everyone’s views known with…Read more

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Curation Inspiration Information: 5 Tips for Becoming a Better Curator

October 30, 2013 by Jonathan Henley

Curation is an art, not a science.Content curation is an art, not a science. The most useful tool is you.

My goodness there are a lot of words out there opining on “content curation, the new way to share what you love with your followers.”

Problem is, sharing stuff with your mates isn’t exactly new, is it? You like it. You think they’ll like it. You let them have a read, a listen or a look and you know – you are absolutely convinced – that it will undoubtedly make their lives richer, and your reputation…Read more

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