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Jonathan is a seasoned veteran of the B2B marketing, design and communications industry. He is always interested in new and challenging opportunities - feel free to contact him.

He writes from the perspective of a marketing “old timer” steeped in the knowledge, experience and skills that underpins all great marketing, advertising and communications practice. He applies this experience to the brave “new” world of content marketing, social and all things digital, and how they work - or should work - more effectively when marketing basics are remembered.

Jonathan has a lively and unique way of delivering his messages and points - controversial to some, amusing to others, but always with the goal of helping people develop their marketing understanding and gain knowledge and skills to improve their careers.


In Support of Serene Engagement

March 10, 2014 by Jonathan Henley No Comments

digital shoutinessAre you guilty of “shoutiness” across your digital channels? You know what I mean – shrieking, digital tirades disguised as conversations, not seeing or hearing another person’s view…

Better no engagement than ill-considered engagement

Now, I am going to ignore the journalist’s stock…Read more

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How to Work with the Interventionist Client

November 8, 2013 by Jonathan Henley No Comments

interventionist-clientMarketers and creatives like engaged clients…

…as long as they are principally engaged in what they do best rather than design, marketing planning, etc.

First, another health warning: I have sometimes been accused of making sweeping generalizations in what I write, and this piece…Read more

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