We knew there had to be a better way.

We love how the concept of digital content curation continues to evolve. Content curators are becoming the go-to resources in the online world because of their ability to sift through the mountains of information published every day, determine what is actually relevant and interesting in their subject areas, and put that content in the right context for their audiences.

But, how in the world is a busy curator supposed to keep up with all the relevant websites and blogs out there, while monitoring news and events that help you stay current?

And, as a content marketer, how are you supposed to keep all of your pressing activities on track, select the right topics, assign writing duties and manage a hectic schedule, on top of monitoring campaigns and reporting results to the boss?

Searching for the Right Solution

We know how time-consuming and frustrating those things can be, because we’ve been there ourselves. We were always looking for a new app or tool to help us be more efficient or better organized, but those new tools generally didn’t replace any old ones. They just added yet another thing to our daily to-do lists.

What we really wanted was a single system that we could use for both curation and the creation of original content – something we could use to monitor new stories as they were published so that we could more easily find great content to curate and get ideas that we could turn into full-length original articles, infographics, and videos. It was also important to us that these discovery tools were integrated with our editorial calendar and publishing processes because we didn’t want to jump from app to app to get things done.

Rock the Deadline Studios

Since we couldn’t find anything that could do all that, we decided to build our own application. And so, Rock the Deadline Studios was born. We’d love for you to try the software out and let us know what you think.

We have three primary studio subscription levels. If you’re mainly interested in content discovery tools, check out the Researcher Studio – it’s completely free. The Curator Studio is designed for solo marketers and curators who want to be able to move seamlessly from the discovery stage to creating and publishing their content. With the Publisher Studio, you can add other members of your content marketing team so you can collaborate and manage all of your editorial workflow processes.

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